Today, I’m sharing moments from my recent set of solo recitals in the United Kingdom and Canada. I had the pleasure of taking my programme, entitled Lineage, on tour to Winnipeg, Toronto, Manchester, and Belfast (as well as a private house concert in New York City into the mix), which was supported in part thanks for the Canada Council for the Arts. The programme included works by Debussy, Rhoda Coghill, Ligeti, Brahms, Resphighi, and Iman Habibi, and explored the way in which pre-existing music inspired and influenced composers of various stylistic periods. Each of these compositions mean a great deal to me, and taking them on the road to new cities and new audiences only served to strengthen this feeling all the more. I look forward to making a recording of many of these works in the coming months. Stay tuned!

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Canada Council for the Arts for their help in funding my travels for these recitals.

These have already been posted most of these photographs on my Facebook page, so please join me there to receive more timely updates!

BELFAST, Northern Ireland, UK
Presented by Music at McQuiston. I loved playing at this beautiful venue in Belfast, for a concert series which has such a wonderful and warm following of people.

It was a treat to perform a recital on the Bösendorfer piano of the polymathic composer, Anthony Burgess, at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, which is a wonderfully intimate venue.

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada
It is always a treat to travel to the city of one of my Alma Mater (University of Toronto), especially to the wonderful Ernest Balmer Studio in the Distillery District. I was honoured to be the first pianist to perform a whole solo recital on the space’s newly acquired Bösendorfer Imperial grand piano.

Warming up on the Bösendorfer Imperial Grand at the Ernest Balmer studio, in Toronto

Introducing the pieces to the audience at solo recital in Toronto ON

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Canada
It was my first time visiting the city of Winnipeg (and the province of Manitoba for that matter!), and I loved the laid-back vibe of the city. I was lucky enough to be able to reconnect with old friends, and hear a Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra concert while I was in town, and I had a wonderful time performing at Fort Garry United Church! I don’t have any photos from the actual recital, but here are a couple warm up photos.

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